More than just skills development

Since matriculating, I have always returned home to assist matriculants and school leavers with guidance relating to skills development and career choices.

During 2011 I have approached various organisations in order to attain funding to assist unemployed youth to develop their skills in order to secure permanent or sustainable employment. This was based on realisation that many of the unemployed community often become despondent and not knowing how to tap into opportunities.

Participants were taken on a 4 day programme spread over 6 months where during the first day they dealt with issues relating to self management and the development of their individual life plan. They then had to seek an volunteering opportunity in order to gain the neccessary skills.

Not only did they become equipped with the skills but also did they learn the importance of managing themself and to volunteer in order to gain the skills they never had. The programme reduced many of they problems they faced and not only do they have skills but also seek ways to improve their own lives.

First name: Eduardo 
Last name: Meyer 
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Telephone: 074 724 0721