Meet Miss Twilight

Miss Twilight born Shanoon Letago Mabunda. was born in 1993 January 7, 1st born of two girls. Twilight grew up being in love with sewing. she started out sewing small things like pillow cases and curtains at the early 10s. then she started learning how to do it professionally by her teacher around the early ages of 12.

She then went to do her 1st fashion course in Sew Africa, JHB in 2008, she learned dress making every Saturday, she was the youngest of the students. Though she was already doing clothing by that time , she went to school to become more professional in it.

The next year in 2009, she then went back to Sew Africa to study pattern making and again finished the course successfully. 2012, she then again went back to Sew Africa to work there full time with a designer at the school. She then left work and started her own thing.

Since then she is growing more and more in Business & Design. She is taking after her Grandmother and her Late Aunt Mahlogonolo Mojalefa. Letago’s Label is called Twilight simply meaning… Letago. She has made clothes for Many and she’s not stopping any second now.

First name: Twykybo
Last name: Mabunda
Email address:
Telephone: 011 865 9462