Mankweng Annual Business Advice Open Day

Mankweng as a place has always produced many influencial people and leaders in south africa, it has always had an element of academic influence because of the University of Limpopo which based within its proximity.

With such an environment one would likely associate it with a term ‘Vibrant’, but contrary to such perception the youth residing in the area are not as vibrant and informed as it should be. There is a downright chasm between the literate and the illiterate that has found refuge the area. To make matters worse the area does not have a holistic Recreational centre.

Mankweng Youth Development is an Npo that was found in 2011 by Lotanang Mothiba with hope of creating a condusive,vibrant and informative environment for both educated and disadvantaged youth.

The primary goal is to build a youth advisory centre wich is comprehensive and inclusive beyond political, religious and social differences.

Given the challenges of finacial constrains and pessimistic community members we still managed to rise above the odds.

To this day we have managed to disseminate bursaries information and addresses of universities to the sorrounding high schools. Worked with our local radio station share in the neccesary info with the locals,we also spent our 67 minutes of mandela day helping a ‘Everyday Drop IN Centre’ to clean its premises planted trees which were donated by University of Limpopo.

In partnership with SIFE (Students in free enterprise) we hosted a carwash funraising event through which we collected foodparcels for the aforementioned drop in centre.

On the 02 October 2012 in partnership with Department of Economic Development,Environment and Tourism, we will be hosting the 1st Mankweng Annual Business Advice Open Day.

The targeted group being all the youth from the sorrounding communities with the aim of creating economic awareness and to inculcate the spirit of independence within our communities.

First name:Lotanang
Last name:Mothiba
Email and
Telephone: 073 478 7330