Healing Power Gospel Group

I am currently completing my Diploma in Music with the University of the Free State and I have started a group named Healing Power Gospel Group, which is a Jazz Contemporary genre.

People who come to the group are the people who do not know how to sing and I teach them for free, but we are currently in need of a place to rehearse and also of the music instruments,up to so far I am the only one who manages the group which is very difficult as I also need to be more involved in the technical parts of music,lots of people have been approached but none have shown some interest.

What worries me is that musical talent in Bloemfontein dies a lot of time. As for now I have managed to let them record their first album which they are still busy with, so that they do not lose any hope while I am looking for more help.

We will be very much humbled and happy if we can get help from anyone who can help so that I can also be able to take more people into the group.

First name: Thulani
Last name: Shabalala
Email address: thulanic.shabalala@gmail.com
Telephone: 083 492 2400