Getting to Know DJnkulzin

DJnkulzin is a young man named Nkululeko Seby Makhoba – well intellectual, creative and multi-talented (one personality of many skills/talents, He was born in Mandeni on June 1993, and grew up in the rurals in the Southern KZN (Kwa-Ngwanase) in Manguzi.

He recently moved to Durban to pursue his studies but attempting to study Information Technology next year 2013 as he completed his matric on the year 2011. He has two sisters and a single mother.

He recently started an Entertainment programme for youth named “Youth Entertainment & Empowerment” On Facebook: On Twitter: Email:

He also started writing poems at age of 13, where he continued writing until he published one on Writers Lounge net, there his poem became a blast with more than 20 000 viewers! Poetry became his life and called himself “Poetry Devotion” @poetrydevotion on twitter after a while he began to transform poetry to music, he wrote a song from his poems and recorded it and people loved it, low version track is available at the track is titled “My Code”.

“the future starts now not tomorrow, sometimes all you need is a sign”, he says “if you live to dream, you might never live your dream…”

First name: Nkululeko Seby
Last name: Makhoba
Email address:
Telephone: +27 78 675 5900