Dream It. Work On It. Be It

The Phumlani Nkontwana Foundation is the brainchild of Phumlani Nkontwana, whose parents, like multitudes of South African children today, could only afford him the cheapest education available to the South Durban based Township of Umlazi, at R298.00 per annum. Officially registered as an NPO with the Department of Social Development, PNF’s fundraising number is 095–095.

The goal is to identify schools where the objectives of excellence far surpass the reality of a lack of resources and capacitating their leadership, teachers and students into forming clubs of excellence, where different interventions are utilised in an attempt to maintain high standards of education, so that the children’s futures are not compromised.

The mission is to foster an enabling educational environment in South Africa by capacitating teachers and inspiring scholars from under-resourced public schools to excel.

PNF will fulfill its mission by identifying, fast-tracking and sustaining high-performing but under-resourced public high schools and learners within those schools. Typically these are schools whose annual fees are less than R1000.00 and the top five learners within each grade.

Introduction to the work that PNF does:

The learners-and-teachers development programme ensures that:

  • South African teachers stay motivated;
  • Leadership of public schools is very strong;
  • The ‘playing field’ for all learners is level at school – by providing high school scholarships; each beneficiary school has an annual excursion – by arranging and funding it – in order to take the learners away from their day to day challenging and sometimes depressing environments;
  • Excellence is a priority goal pursued by both teachers and learners – by hosting and funding annual Teachers and Learners Excellence Awards for each beneficiary school.

One of the schools that PNF works with, Zwelibanzi High, went from a 58% pass rate in 2009 to an 80% pass rate in 2010 and 90% pass rate in 2011. The vision of PNF is to grow this initiative so that other schools may also be exposed to and benefit from the work that PNF is doing.

There are schools that embody the aforementioned excellence attributes and these schools ought to be supported and nurtured and this is the crux of what PNF is primarily involved in. This is also why PNF considers itself as a form of activism; an activism which finds it unacceptable that the narrative of public education has to remain the way that it is.

Active citizenry is part of the conversation that we’re promoting. We can no longer accept the situation as is. We’re part of an activism that is concerned with promoting a kind of ‘teaching that makes injustice unendurable’. This is what our pupils deserve, this is what our future requires of us and this is what our country needs.

This July the foundation is participating in the Disocvery 702 Walk the Walk event in order to raise awareness about the work that the foundation is doing. If you or anyone you know would like to financially or otherwise assist the foundation in realising it’s objectives please visit the website below for more information:

www.phumlaninkontwanafoundation.org, our blog at http://pnfsa.tumblr.com/ or alternatively follow us on Twitter, @PNF_SA or join our Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/pnfoundation

First name: Kentse
Last name: Radebe
Email address: kentse1991@live.com
Telephone: 078 214 6831