Child Line: protecting our ‘most valuable resource’

Over 200 representatives from child helplines, child protection organisations and private partner companies gathered at the KZN Science Centre in Durban earler this month for the Child Helpline International Conference as well as the Child Line Junior Youth Consultation.

The international consultation, being held in Africa for the first time, enabled members to garner strength and support from one another, as well as share vital information and tackle common issues and proplems faced by Child Line’s throughout the world.

“We are pleased to be able to support like-minded leading NGOs in fulfilling our shared mandate of supporting families especially children in our communities,” said KZN Science Centre CEO Candice Potgieter.


childline1-250Thirty learners from various socio-economic backgrounds were selected in order to share their personal experiences (Photo: KZN Science Centre)The theme for this year’s conference was “Strengthening Child Protection Systems”, which saw both the junior and international delegates investigating the efficacy of existing child protection systems and more importantly make recommendations on how South Africa and Child Line can improve on such systems.

Thirty learners from various socio-economic backgrounds, urban, rural and township were selected in order to share concise and realistic information on their personal experiences with their peers from different communities.

Learners were urged via workshops involving song, dance, arts and crafts, role playing and group debates, to express what makes them feel (un)safe in their respective communities.

The learners were also exposed to fundamental documents which included The South African Constitution, The United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, The African Charter on the rights and welfare of the African child and The Children’s Act (38 of 2005).

“Children are undoubtedly our most valuable resource, thus it is imperative that we undertake ventures such as the Junior Consultation, and our own SAP Community Month to enable us to plant now such that our future generations can enjoy the shade,” said Potgieter.


The KZN Science Centre is situated at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Umhlanga, Durban, and offers a great variety of educational and event facilities following an extensive revamp in October 2009.

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