AID My Journey-Support

I am a Speaker and IEC (Information-Education-Communication) Facilitator living positively with HIV/Aids since November 2004. a) Facilitate a Non-Profit organisation which deals mainly with individuals living with HIV/Aids. b) Group Facilitation taking people through the process of understanding, living, preventing and managing the virus. c) Project 1 – Computer Skills Initiative d)

Project 2 – Training Support Group Facilitators Talks consist of empowering and educating people on living with this life threatening disease in a manner that could, handled correctly prolong their lives. As well as trying to alleviate the stigma attached to HIV/Aids. I counsel individuals, having completed a Lay Counsellor and Victim Empowerment Course should they require the personal one on one option.

I hope my talks will help put some perspective on the disease and take away the fear people have of living with the virus or going for that dreaded test. Rather; know your status than not know it! Knowing your status means you can “Deal With It”, make the correct choices to live a healthy ongoing lifestyle and you will be surprised at the acceptance and support you receive from friends and family.

Offering support, which they might find helpful in order to live and manage their disease. Presentations and support are aimed at corporate institutions, NGO’s, small and large groups, company functions and conferences designed to be enlightening and motivational.

I am not limited to any “type” of business and welcome all enquiries. Please contact me should you require any further information.

First name: Cindy
Last name: Pivacic
Email address:
Telephone: 073 739 6044