A South African story – Umshado heads to Manhattan for the Rave Theatre Festival

South Africa’s creative industries contribute to how the country is perceived by global audiences; it is imperative to celebrate those who take local stories to international audiences. South Africans living abroad get to have a glimpse of home through these amazing opportunities.

The 2019 Rave Theatre Festival will take place at Teatro SEA and Teatro LaTea Theatres of Manhattan. Rave Theatre Festival will feature a diverse roster of new shows with an emphasis on quality of writing and creativity. Umshado is one story that has successfully made it to the roster for screening during 10th August – 15th August 2019.

Umshado’s synopsis; The story is of a young man’s journey from his roots in the kraal of Moruleng to Shantytown of Mamelodi in Pretoria.

The show opens during ceremonial preparation for his entrance into manhood and it captures this initiation rite of passage for a Tswana boy. The story continues from his initiation to love and marriage. He falls in love with a domestic worker from Zululand. He arranges with his elders to go and negotiate for marriage in the rural Zululand.

The bride’s father becomes adamant that he will not allow cross-cultural marriage to take place with her daughter. The family representatives settle the dispute and manage to unite the two families.

The celebration takes place with a display of various cultures and capturing the magic of diverse cultures of African tribes which is raw beauty and enhancing social cohesion and to appreciate cross-cultural marriages which is still an existing problem worldwide.

A beautiful reflection of the diversity of South Africa’s heritage and culture shared to the world.

Premium tickets guarantee a seat in the best section of the theatre.

Teatro Latea
107 Suffolk Street
2nd Floor

Suffolk Street and Rivington Street
Tickets are only available at the box office 30 minutes prior to the performance.
F train to Delancey Street