100 woman clean the Jukskie river

Francina Rammabi is a fulltime manager of a construction company “Fransmen Construction and Projects” – a Director of an NGO named Shomang Sebenzani Development Initiative, a mom and a wife.

Her work, both in the construction and NGO, has been seen by many throughout the years and openly acknowledged by few. Its been on the papers and local radio though she often gives others credit, instead of taking it.

I met her only last year and I already look up to her like a mentor and a dear friend. She’s an inspiration to many (including her colleagues), motivates anyone whom  she come into contact with and often willing to listen and extend her hand in helping.

Her partner in this crime Portia Kganakga, they go way back and she’s the only person who manages to argue and debate with Francina as they guide each other on daily activities.

They are both remarkable woman. She started the organization in 2001 (at that time focusing on HIV/AIDS activities and Home Based Care). Witnessing the scourge of the parental death by the disease and the kids made orphan, she ambitioned to open an orphanage centre (this dream is currently been made to materialise).

A working relationship with the Dept. of Education (KHARI GUDE – MASS LITERACY) from 2009, they educate elderly members of society to read and write basic English.

Having taught 8 000 community members and employed about 200 teachers over the years. Through her leadership, Shomang won the 2011 – 2012 Annual Environmental Community Awards created by Pikitup, City Parks and City of Joburg Environmental Dept. She is currently running for the woman in water awards in August.

First name: Pule
Last name: Selepe
Email address: puleselepe@gmail.com
Telephone: 011 079 4350