The Chevron or Arrow Device

The Chevron device represents forward and positive brand movement. It is a signal of a clear path the nation has taken, which is a forward looking, unwavering and all inspiring path, full of possibility. It also denotes the clarity of purpose, single mindedness and focus of our nation brand.


Primary Chevron
Where it is derived from.


Secondary Chevron
Where it is derived from.


The Chevron or Arrow Device Colours

THE COLOUR GREEN: (Active / Action)

Green is a color of growth and vitality, associated with the newness of life or renewal and rebirth. Green is an emotionally positive, active and alive color, personified it would suggest or represent a good listener, a social worker, a contributor to society, a helpful neighbor or citizen.


Color is a symbolic and key part ofyour brand visual communication and diffferentiation. Used correctly it should support and underpin your brand message.