South Africa shines at Dance World Cup

17 July 2014

South Africa scooped 14 medals and finished sixth overall, with some standout individual performances, at the Dance World Cup 2014 World Finals held in Portugal over the past week.

More than 3 000 competitors from 28 countries performed in over 1 400 routines in the week-long competition in Algarve.

South Africans scooped a total of four gold, seven silver and three bronze medals at the global showpiece, which offers competition in eight different dance genres for children and young adults.

Gold medals

South Africa’s gold medals came from Kalon Badenhorst (Solo Junior Jazz/Showdance), Micaela Todd (Solo Children Modern), Christian Bailey (Solo Junior Tap) and Codi Passmore/Christian Bailey (Duo Junior Tap).

Badenhorst’s 91.8 percent mark in his Solo Jazz/Showdance piece, “Happy”, was the highest score attained by any of the South African competitors at the competition, while his silver medal-winning Junior Solo Modern/Contemporary piece, “In this shirt “, confirmed his consistency when was marked at 91.7 percent.

Todd also won a silver medal with a mark of 91.7 percent in the Solo Children Jazz/Showdance, which saw her awarded Most Promising Children category dancer of the event in the 10 to 13 years’ section, as well as a special award for the Best Modern Solo 13-years-and under. Bailey was also given a special award for Best Junior & Open Tap Soloist at the competition.

Level of competition

“With so many top class routines from around the world in each section at the finals, this was without a doubt one of the highest levels of competition for our South African dancers,” Chris Stapelberg, head of Dance World Cup, South Africa said in a statement on Wednesday.

“And with the results we obtained, we are really fortunate in South Africa to have dancers, teachers and choreographers that have the skill, passion and desire to take on the best in the world and achieve such great results,” he added.

“Not only do the results show how much talent we have, but we can proudly say that every South African at the event made a lasting impression with competitors and supporters from the 27 other competing countries.

“With this being only our second year at the finals and already doubling our medal count from the previous year, we cannot wait for the Dance World Cup 2015 World Finals in Romania next year,” Stapelberg concluded.

The South African team comprised the top three routines from each category at the qualifiers in the national final, which was held in Pretoria in March.



  • Kalon Badenhorst (Solo Junior Jazz/Showdance)
  • Micaela Todd (Solo Children Modern/Contemporary)
  • Christian Bailey (Solo Junior Tap)
  • Christian Bailey/Codi Passmore (Duo Junior Tap)
  • Silver

  • Kalon Badenhorst (Solo Junior Modern/Contemporary)
  • Micaela Todd (Solo Children Jazz/Showdance)
  • Joanne Liebenberg (Solo Junior Modern/Contemporary)
  • Gemma Passmore (Solo Senior Modern/Contemporary)
  • Gemma Passmore/Jean-Jacques le Roux (Duo Senior Tap)
  • Christian Bailey/Codi Passmore/Carly Lakin/Taylor Parsons/Maymarie van den Heever/Kristen Levin (Group Junior Tap)
  • Christian Bailey/Codi Passmore/Taylor Parsons/Kristen Levin (Quartet Junior Tap)
  • Bronze

  • Joanne Liebenberg (Solo Junior Jazz/Showdance)
  • Gemma Passmore (Solo Senior Tap)
  • Monique Laurence/Lucille Stonlake (Duo/Trio Open Hip Hop)
  • SAinfo reporter