This Friday, Do Something Good

14 September 2010

Mentor a young person. Visit an old age home. Start your own volunteer project … as part of its “Legacy” campaign, Brand SA has called on South Africans this Friday to “fly the flag” by volunteering some of your time to South Africans who need it.

Brand South Africa’s Legacy campaign aims to leverage the momentum of the 2010 Fifa World Cup by providing platforms for South Africans to keep achieving and showcasing their “South Africanness” to the world, while entrenching the principles of pride, patriotism and solid citizenship that have been established over the past year.

For the past three Fridays, and the next two to come, South Africans have been “celebrating all the things that make us who we are”. Each Friday has a different theme, this Friday’s being a call to do something good for each other, for example:

  • Visiting for how to go about volunteering in your community.
  • Finding a young person in your community that you can mentor.
  • Finding out how you can work with your local SAPS to make your surroundings safer.
  • Organising a visit to an old age home or hospice.
  • Creating your own volunteer project.
  • Volunteering for an existing project.
  • Do Good Week – poster

“When we stand as one, we can do anything,” Brand South Africa said in a statement. “We can build stadiums. We can host the most successful Fifa World Cup™. So what if we all came together to do something good for each other?”

“This Friday, Fly the Flag by volunteering some of your time and resources to South Africans who need it.”

SAinfo reporter

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