SA Legacy: put your soul into it!

24 August 2010

The Brand South Africa “Legacy” campaign calls on South Africans, each Friday for the next five weeks, to celebrate the values that make them unique; that made the 2010 Fifa World such a success; and that have the power to shape a united, prosperous future South Africa.

“This year, we have come together as a nation united and flown the flag high,” Brand South Africa CEO Miller Matola told journalists at a briefing in Johannesburg on Monday. “Now we need to keep it flying, and remind ourselves how we made the event the most successful Fifa World Cup™ in history.”

The South African “can do” attitude and commitment was at the heart of the World Cup success, and would “heavily inform our post-tournament activity”, Matola said.

The Legacy campaign aims to leverage the World Cup momentum by providing platforms for South Africans to keep achieving and showcasing their “South Africanness” to the world, while entrenching the principles of pride, patriotism and solid citizenship that have been established over the past year.

Celebrating the things ‘that make us who we are’

Each Friday for the next five weeks, “South Africans will celebrate all the things that make us who we are – the unique values displayed during the World Cup – enabling us to be proud of our nation, culture and heritage.”

Each Friday will have a different theme, starting on 27 August with a call to Support the Class of 2010, followed by calls to:

At the same time as it provides South Africans with practical ways to contribute to the country’s development, the Legacy campaign will define the values that make South Africans unique, with the ultimate goal of improving the country’s global competitiveness.

According to Brand South Africa, these values will be aligned with the Brand South Africa value proposition “in order to change the backward view of ‘legacy’ into a forward-looking perspective that helps define the way in which South Africans behave.

“This will ultimately contribute to the country’s rating in international competitive studies, in that we don’t just ‘write’ about ‘how’ citizens behave, but actually influence the behaviour we want people to adopt.”

‘Put your soul into it’

Matola urged South Africans to “put your soul into it” again and again, using the Legacy campaign platforms to “show the world why you are proud to be South African … We have so much in common, and so much humanity to celebrate.

“The 2010 Fifa World Cup may be over, but its legacy remains,” Matola said. “There is no turning back, as we continue to define and showcase who we are as a nation to the world.

“We are a people who are proudly defined by ubuntu, diversity, innovation and creativity. Our ‘South Africanness’ opens up a lifetime of possibilities for us all.”

SAinfo reporter

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