This Friday, Celebrate Beautiful SA!

6 September 2010

Plant a tree. Host a recycling day. Help clean up around your home, school, place of work … as part of its “Legacy” campaign, Brand SA has called on South Africans this Friday to “fly the flag for our beautiful country.”

Brand South Africa’s Legacy campaign aims to leverage the momentum of the 2010 Fifa World Cup by providing platforms for South Africans to keep achieving and showcasing their “South Africanness” to the world, while entrenching the principles of pride, patriotism and solid citizenship that have been established over the past year.

For the past two Fridays, and the next three to come, South Africans have been “celebrating all the things that make us who we are”. Each Friday has a different theme, this Friday’s being a call to celebrate South Africa’s natural beauty by, for example:

  • Hosting a recycling day. Ask everyone to bring in paper, glass, plastic and tins to be recycled and given a new lease on life.
  • Planting a tree at home, at school, at your office or in a community space..
  • Hosting a clean-up day around the office, your school or community.
  • Celebrate Our Beautiful Country – poster

“Thousands of new visitors experienced South Africa during the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ and went home with memories to last a lifetime,” Brand South Africa said in a statement. “We impressed the world with our ability to unite for a common cause and create a legacy for our country and children.

“We now know what we can do when we stand together, so let’s do it again this Friday – by making sure our country stays beautiful for generations to come.”

SAinfo reporter

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