Youth ‘proud to be South African’

31 January 2006

An overwhelming 97% of the country’s 16- to 24-year-olds are proud to call themselves South African, according to research by African Response and Futurefact.

“The Evolving South African Consumer” survey, released in Johannesburg last week, found that 96% percent of young South Africans believe the country has the potential to be a “truly wealthy and powerful nation”, while 89% are more confident about the future than they were in 1994.

Ninety-four percent believe that all people are equal, regardless of race, gender or religion, and a similar percentage say they are willing to help South Africa become a better place.

More than three-quarters of the survey’s respondents said they would argue with anyone speaking negatively about South Africa.

Market researchers Brenda Wortley and Jos Kuper, who conducted the survey, also found that SA’s younger generation is increasingly well-informed about HIV/Aids. Almost 90% of respondents said Aids was a social issue that personally affected them in some way, and 60% said they knew their HIV status.

Condom usage in this group has grown, from 65% in a corresponding study in 2000 to 73% in the current survey.

However, almost half the group, or 47%, do not believe that they are personally at risk from HIV/Aids. This is despite the fact that a quarter reported having a household member that was seriously ill.

Peer pressure
More than half of the group felt that brands were important, agreeing with the statement that it is important to buy the right brands in order to be accepted.

And not surprisingly, cellphone usage is on the increase, with almost half saying they’d played cellphone games or sent a text message in the month prior to being surveyed. reporter

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