Everyday Hero: Tracey Matube

Operations director: AFRiKiDS

Why is Tracey an Everyday Hero?

With more than one million Aids orphans in South Africa today, Dr Tracey Matube decided she couldn’t sit back and watch a parentless generation fend for themselves.

Tracey joined AFRiKiDS, using her knowledge and expertise in medicine to ensure that these orphans would have some kind of normalcy restored to their lives.

To do this, AFRiKiDS either buys a house or gets one via a generous donation, to house and raise the Aids orphans in stable environment.

AFRiKiDS also partners with respected community organisations to ensure that the community plays an important role in helping raise their children to become responsible, caring human beings.

In her own words .

“If we don’t come up with creative ways and fresh new ideas of raising these orphans, it’ going to impact negatively on our society.”

Fast Facts

  • AFRiKiDS was the outcome of a group of concerned business leaders that got together in 2006 and focused their considerable business acumen on the Aids pandemic.
  • AFRiKiDS focuses on the 0-6 age group mainly because they believe you can make the most powerful impact on a human being’s life if you take care of their developmental needs first.
  • Dr Tracey Matube also made a valuable impact in the medical tourism industry as medical director and head of health promotion and screening at Serokolo Health Tourism.
  • Eight out 10 children in Africa that are orphaned by HIV are from the sub-Saharan region.
  • It is predicted that by 2015 South Africa will have close to 2-million Aids orphans.

How can I help?

For more information, visit AFRiKiDS. To make a donation, either phone AFRiKiDS on +27 11 275 0294, or download a donations form on their website.

Story published on SAinfo on 9 September 2008.
Source: Brand South Africa