Tomorrow’s Hope: Qaanitaah Dramat

Youth Presenter: Radio 786

Why is Qaanitaah Tomorrow’s Hope?

Qaanitaah Dramat may be a voice among many on the airwaves, but she is using her voice to help change the attitudes of many young people in her community.

At age 16, being an incredibly shy person, she stepped out of her comfort zone by volunteering to be a presenter at a local community radio station. Qaanitaah’s voice has helped many young people steer clear of negative influences and has raised awareness on pertinent issues and difficulties that teenagers face.

One of the things she did was to interview a reformed criminal and reformed drug addict who relayed his past exploits, his time in prison and the impact of his crimes and lessons learned in an in-depth on-air interview. Her intention in getting his story out was to try to ensure other young people to not make the same mistakes as he did.

The interview earned her the BBC Young Broadcaster of the Year Award.

Qaanitaah, with the help of a friend, also runs an informal soup kitchen for disadvantaged individuals in her community. She tries by all means to identify with the adversity faced by her peers and community. She sees herself as being an ambassador first for her religion, then for South Africa, and hopefully, one day, for the whole world.

In her own words …

“I think that the youth in South Africa lack a lot of confidence and belief in themselves. Growing up as a teenager is not easy because there are so many negative influences that can suck you in so easily. I want to help people to believe in themselves, to just motivate and encourage them to drive themselves to success.”

Fast Facts

  • Qaanitaah is currently studying Chinese medicine at the University of the Western Cape.
  • Radio 786 is a Cape-based Muslim Community Radio station.

How can you help?

Volunteer for community projects, and use the platforms available – such as soup kitchens and community radio stations – to help uplift others.

Story published on SAinfo on 22 July 2008.
Source: Brand South Africa