Social Innovator: Basil Kransdorff

Founder: e’Pap

Why is Basil a Social Innovator?

Industrial chemist by day and social entrepreneur by night, Basil Kransdorff has been hailed as a pioneer in food engineering. Basil is the founder of e’Pap, a pre-cooked maize meal that delivers the nutrients of a 10-course meal in a single portion.

Not only is e’Pap full of nutrients, it was also formulated to improve the ability of the body to digest food. This is especially beneficial for HIV-positive or malnourished people.

e’Pap is a super food that reaches the masses across Africa and has changed the lives of many undernourished or terminally ill people who could not otherwise afford essential food stuffs for themselves or their families.

In his own words .

“People often believe that products developed in Africa are inferior. We are very proud that we’ve created a state of the art product that we know is going to change the future road map of our continent.”

Fast Facts

    • e’Pap started as a single project in the Johannesburg General Hospital eight years ago and is now distributed to 15 countries across Africa.
    • Weight gains of between two and five kilograms are reported within five to 10 days of consuming e’Pap, while marked improvements in energy and concentration, sleep habits and skin condition have also been clinically observed.
    • e’Pap is 29 times more nutritionally dense than refined maize and is packed with 28 micro and macro nutrients.

Over the last eight years, over 42-million food portions of e’Pap has been delivered via community-based structures across the African continent.

  • A single portion of e’Pap will cost between R1 and R2 a day.

How can I help?

To find out more about e’Pap and how you can contribute, send Basil an e-mail on

Story published on SAinfo on 27 June 2008.
Source: Brand South Africa