Mandela now Unesco ambassador

Mandela: president of the world!

Former South African President Nelson Mandela topped an international BBC poll to find the 11 leaders the people of the world would like to run a fantasy global government, with Bill Clinton and the Dalai Lama voted his deputies.
Dear Mr Mandela ...

Nobel Square for SA’s laureates

Cape Town's Nobel Square, set to open on 16 December, when South Africa celebrates Reconciliation Day, will commemorate the achievements of the country's four Nobel Peace laureates.

‘Africa, rise up and walk’

Nobel Peace laureate Professor Wangari Maathai challenged Africa to "rise up and walk" at the third annual Nelson Mandela Lecture, saying the continent needs to be empowered to help itself.
Mandela now Unesco ambassador

Mandela now Unesco ambassador

Nelson Mandela has been made a Unesco goodwill ambassador in recognition of his "exemplary contribution to international peace and understanding".
46664 fires up volunteer spirit

46664 fires up volunteer spirit

46664, the global Aids awareness campaign inspired by Nelson Mandela, who recently lost his son to the disease, is now encouraging people to give of that most valuable asset: their time.

My son died of Aids: Mandela

Nelson Mandela has taken the lead once more. By disclosing that his son Makgatho died due to Aids-related factors, he has shown the way to South Africans struggling to break the stigma that still surrounds the disease in the country.
Don't sell South Africa short: Tutu

Don’t sell South Africa short: Tutu

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has criticised South Africans who sell their country short, saying many seem to be "embarrassed" by the nation's successes. At the same time, he has warned against "party line-toeing", calling for robust, open debate on the problems still facing the country.
Why Alexandra survived

Mandela Centre for Alexandra

The first phase of the R7-million Nelson Mandela Yard Interpretation Centre in Alexandra - which will include a tourist information office, restaurant and retail outlets - is nearing completion.
Dear Mr Mandela ...

Aids: Mandela calls for leadership

Addressing an international aids conference just days short of his 86th birthday, Nelson Mandela made an urgent call for strong leadership, from all countries and from all sectors of society, to turn the tide of the Aids pandemic.
2002 National Orders awards

‘I’ll call you’ – Nelson Mandela

Since retiring as president, the world's most famous octogenarian has maintained a workrate that few men half his age could have kept up with. Now Nelson Mandela has officially "retired from retirement". His parting gift to SA: a R1-billion endowment, to be raised by the three Mandela legacy organisations.


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