Mandela gravesite to be open to public

Nelson Mandela’s gravesite in Qunu, in the Eastern Cape, will eventually be opened to the public.

Opening Mandela’s gravesite to the public will be one of the projects to mark the centenary of Mandela’s birth in July 1918. (Image: Roel Wijnants)

Nelson Mandela’s gravesite in Qunu, now only accessible to family, will be open to the public once developments in the area are completed.

“It is something that will happen in the future,” said Ndileka Mandela, the oldest grandchild of the statesman, who died in December 2013, told the Sunday Times newspaper.

“It would be selfish of the family to say that we’ll close it to the public, because Madiba was a people’s person. At some point we will open it to the general public.”

However, another grandchild, Ndaba Mandela, did say it would still “take some time” as various processes would have to be followed.

Grandson Mandla Mandela confirmed discussions about the matter were under way. He also said that the ANC and various sectors of the government would be consulted.

“I don’t think this is a family issue only. There has to be a dialogue.”

Mandela, who died at the age of 95, is buried on a hill in his childhood Qunu homestead in rural Eastern Cape.

His birthday, 18 July, is celebrated later this week. The United Nations has declared the day the annual Nelson Mandela International Day, on which people are encouraged to do something to help others. In South Africa, the day has been expanded into the full month of July, known as Mandela Month.

Source: News24Wire

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