Miriam Tlali

Miriam Tlali: 1933 to 2017

The late Miriam Tlali was the first black woman to publish a novel in South Africa. She died on 24 February 2017. Tlali was...
Less Good Idea

Kentridge’s Less Good Idea to inspire innovative South African art

South African artist William Kentridge launches his Centre for the Less Good Idea in Johannesburg during March 2017, a multidisciplinary showcase of unconventional art...

Five globally important archaeological sites in Africa

From Great Zimbabwe to Nubian pyramids along the Nile River, Africa, as the Cradle of Humankind, holds many of the world's greatest archaeological treasures....
Coloured Mentality

Viral video series explores coloured identity and plight of indigenous people

A new online series by two Cape Town filmmakers is tackling the complexities of the modern coloured experience and creating awareness of South Africa’s...

22 monuments for 22 years of freedom

There are a significant number of monuments to peace and freedom scattered across South Africa – not surprising given its long history of struggle against oppression. With April marking the 22nd anniversary of South Africa’s freedom, we will showcase 22 monuments that pay homage to those who made this country great.

Cooking in Cariema Isaacs’ Cape Malay kitchen

Cape Malay cooking has left its unique mark on South Africa’s collective heritage. It is known and loved across the country. Cariema Isaacs, author...

Johannesburg gets food trucks for spring

On an idyllic spring day – a clear blue sky and warmer sun rays – Johannesburg’s latest food hub opened in the parking lot...

South Africa honours its heroes with 2014 National Orders

As South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy, 56 men and women who made - and are continuing to make - exceptional contributions to the country will receive their National Orders, South Africa's highest civilian honour. The awards will be presented by President Jacob Zuma at a Freedom Day ceremony next Sunday.

Qunu museum gives life to Mandela’s legacy

The Nelson Mandela Museum, situated on a hilltop near the Mbashe river in Qunu, is more than just a static tribute to the former president. It also acts as catalyst for transformation and community upliftment in the village Madiba called home.
Robben Island revisited digitally

Guide to the history and importance of Robben Island

Robben Island: "island of exiles", apartheid prison, symbol of the ultimate triumph of non-racialism over intolerance, sanctuary for bird and animal life ... World Heritage Site. The windswept island 12 kilometres off the coast of Cape Town is a place of mystery and amazement to those who visit it.


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