Alive with Possibility Stories

Everyday heroes, community builders, social innovators … Across South Africa, individuals and organisations are building a country that’s Alive with Possibility.

Global Ambassadors
Global Ambassadors are the people, products or companies that represent South Africa on the world stage – whether at the Olympics or around the negotiations table. It is through their innovations, words and actions that the SA flag flies high.

Community Builders
Community builders invest their time, money and skills in building a better South Africa – whether through opening an orphanage or cycling to Kilimanjaro for a charity. They are our social champions, leaders who rally around a worthy cause and inspire others to do the same.

Trailblazers break with tradition and put conventional thinking to the test to address society’s challenges. Where others say “You can’t”, they say “Why not?”. They represent South Africa’s ability to overcome challenges and triumph in the face of adversity.

Everyday Heroes
Everyday Heroes are individuals whose exceptional attitudes to life, their job, their community or their country have an impact on others around them. They are ambassadors of the South African spirit.

Social Innovators
Social innovators seek out unique solutions or partnerships to solve an issue. They understand that South Africa has challenges – many of them potentially crippling – but instead of complaining they find ways to use the resources we have in abundance to make a real difference.

Tomorrow’s Hope
This group of inspiring young individuals represent South Africa’s hope and future. They may be young, but they are already taking steps to lead our country to greatness. Their attitudes, even more than their abilities or achievements, inspire the rest of us to “be the change”.