I started working in Atteridgeville prison

I started working in Atteridgeville prison as a religious worker about 8 months ago. They are just normal people that either had the wrong friends, or made the wrong decision.

In any case, 3 weeks ago we had a revival service there, and about 580 men stood up to commit their lives to God. There are only about 780 men in that prison. What a miracle God is doing there.

Jericho walls, a 24/7 prayer project, was started 5 weeks ago. In some cells every person prays every day now.

And for what – for this country. They pray against crime, and they pray against moral decay. They even pray for governement and the police.

In our area we have a prayer group that prays for our police and against crime here in Garsfontein. Last month crime was down 40% down. Supt Steyn attributes this to the Grace of God and the support of the community. The same happened in Roodepoort.

I am staying here in South Africa and I am working for a better future for us all.

And there are so many people that do more than me with less than what I have.

Story submitted to SAinfo on 13 May 2008