Photo gallery: Shifty Records’ 1980s rebirth of cool

Into the dark days of censorship and apartheid swept Shifty Records, recording South African bands making music about life in a brutal country. It was the 1980s and the birth of a new local music scene. View iconic images of South Africa’s underground anti-apartheid music scene.

Shifty Records recorded a diverse range of South African music genres, from alternative rock n roll, boere punk, Kaapse goema,  folk, avant garde, isicathamiya, mbaqanga jive, maskande, worker songs, poetry and jazz were all captured by Lloyd Ross, founder of Shifty.

Forces Favourite. (Image: Shifty Records)

Warrick Sony – Anarchy in our Sosatie. (Image: Shifty Records)

James Phillips. (Image: Shifty Records)

Sankomoto. (Image: Shifty Records)

Winston’s Jive Mixup. (Image: Shifty Records)

James Phillips. (Image: Shifty Records)

Noise Khanyile
Noise Khanyile (Image: Shifty Records)