Services for South Africans abroad

Find or list a South African business abroad, get a job, phone home for less, track down long-lost friends, sort out your immigration paperwork, send photos back home, swap holiday accommodation … here’s some specialist services for South Africans living abroad. Also check out:


      – South African food, wine, groceries, crafts and other goodies. And you can send them home as gifts – in most cases, without moving from your keyboard.



      – The websites and clubs for South Africans abroad offer a range of networking and other services.



    – SA news, services, clubs, communities, business networks and entertainment in London.

Business listings, networking

AfricaUK – Portal for African people and organisations in the UK. Offers free listings in a directory of African based businesses and services in the UK.

OSTA (Overseas Trading Agents and Product Sourcing Specialists) provide sourcing and agency services to companies looking to expand their trade export markets or import new products. Their primary focus is on South Korea and South Africa. However, they have an extensive worldwide network of affiliates, and provide trade agency and product sourcing services to countries and companies all over the world.

Reconnect Africa – Online careers, business and people management magazine for African professionals around the world. Offers information and services for employers and for graduates and professionals in Africa and the Diaspora seeking employment or investment opportunities in Africa.

SA Business Club – Business networking organisation of South Africans in the UK. For an annual membership fee, members get a company/individual listing in an online members’ directory, access to a range of business and social networking functions, and more.

South African America Business Club – Networking and business development forum for business professionals with South African connections living and working in the United States.

SA Promo – Platform for South African businesses, whether based in SA or the UK, to promote their products and services to the South African market in the UK. – Business directory of South African expat-owned businesses abroad; jobs for South Africans abroad.

Emigration, employment

Breytenbachs – London-based law firm specialising in work permits, immigration, property and general legal services for South African and other Commonwealth citizens living and working in the UK. Web site also in Afrikaans. – Business directory of South African expat-owned businesses abroad; jobs for South Africans abroad.

WORKgateways – helps organise engineering, town planning and construction jobs in the UK for travellers from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Re-migration, employment

Careers in Africa – Helping thousands of high-calibre candidates each year to find challenging and rewarding careers with the world’s best employers across South Africa.

Come Home Campaign – An initiative of trade union movement Solidarity and the Company for Immigration. Helps “remigrants” find work in SA, register children born abroad, get immigration documents for spouses, have overseas qualifications evaluated locally, and more.

Homecoming Revolution – First National Bank-sponsored initiative that encourages and assists South Africans living abroad to return home. Offers financial and lifestyle services, and advice on everything from opening a bank account from overseas to bringing a car/pets/money/non-South African partner into the country, tax on foreign funds, dual citizenship and more.

Finding old friends

SAReunited – track down your long-lost school and varsity friends – both those at home and overseas.

SchoolFriends South Africa – get back in touch with your old friends in SA. Lists over 30 000 SA schools, universities and colleges.

Facebook has a superb search engine for finding friends, including pages for schools, businesses and the like.

Phoning home for less

HelloHowzit – offers low rates on pre-paid calling cards, especially to South Africa, from Australia, Canada and the USA.

Yebo Africa – aims to provide the cheapest calls – 5.45p per minute – and best possible line quality from the UK to South Africa.

Other services

CashKows – CashKows is the premier provider of professional and financial services to South Africans living overseas. CashKows can assist you to repatriate funds from a wide range of sources in South Africa including most recently, retirement annuities.

Zuid- Afrika Huis Biblioteek – (also in English) waarskynlik die grootste Afrikaanstalige biblioteek buite Afrika.

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