Brand South Africa in Australia to renew its international reputation with the support of...

Johannesburg, Monday 19 March 2018 – Brand South Africa will, from 19-21 March 2018, engage with South African citizens living in Australia.   In executing its...

Brand South African partners with Mandela Trilogy in Dubai

A musical based on the early life and revolutionary awakening of Nelson Mandela, The Mandela Trilogy, was performed at the Dubai Opera House in...
Pretoria town planner Mthobisi Masinga is seeking sponsorship to attend International Society for City and Regional Planners Congress in the US.

Young South African town planner invited to present rural land development study in US

Mthobisi Masinga, a young forward-thinking town and regional planner from Pretoria, has been invited to present his innovative research on rural land development to...
Grandmother Julia Albu is driving across Africa in her 20-year-old Toyota for a literacy charity.

South African granny sets off on an epic road trip across Africa

South African grandmother Julia Albu is putting younger explorers to shame, embarking on a car journey across Africa. Albu set off on her road...
bbar London

Londoners get a taste of South African food

South African cuisine takes centre stage at a restaurant in London. Situated near Buckingham Palace, bbar serves everything from boerewors to bunny chow. Compiled by...

Here’s where South Africans can travel without a visa

South Africa has the most powerful passport on the African continent, with its citizens able to enter a full 90 countries across the world...

South African author shares lessons after winning Caine Prize

Listening is important and reading is essential. These are just a few lessons Lidudumalingani Mqombothi gained on his journey as a writer. He won...
South African expats open to idea of returning home

South African expats open to idea of returning home

At a Homecoming Revolution interactive careers and networking event held in London for Africans living in Europe, chief executive Angel Jones highlighted four emerging trends explaining why people wanted to return to the continent.
South African rhino film wins award in New York

South African rhino film wins award in New York

A South African documentary looks at the social issues driving rhino poaching. Horn examines the conditions in the disadvantaged communities around game reserves. It won Best Conservation Film in New York City for its efforts to unpack the topic.
Homecoming Revolution: African New Yorkers want to come home

Homecoming Revolution: African New Yorkers want to come home

At Homecoming Revolution's Speed Meet: New York event on 25 September 2015, Africans living and working in the United States expressed their desire to return to the continent to take advantage of the exciting career opportunities and the potential for innovation offered by Africa.


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