Hi-tech art from heaven

28 February 2003

Satellite art, a new art form created by the interaction between technology and nature, has arrived on the South African scene.

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s Satellite Applications Centre and a private company, Satell-Art (Pty) Ltd, have joined forces to bring a unique form of abstract art, created when humans interact with satellite technologies, to the South African market.

The first Satell-Art collection was released recently, each scene covering a vista of 180 kilometres and produced as arts works of 1300mm x 800mm. They were all received at the Satellite Applications Centre and captured by the Enhanced Thematic Mapper Sensor aboard the Landsat satellite.

It is the first time that this form of art has been promoted in South Africa, and so far it has been favourably received. On evaluating it, South African art lecturer Nic Ciro commented: “It has the accidental, yet highly controlled, quality of Abstract Expressionism … [and] recalls the paintings of Rothko and sweeping grandeur of Pollock’s works.’

Individuals interested in buying satellite art should phone Barry Shippel on 082 412 1905 or e-mail shippel@mweb.co.za.

SouthAfrica.info reporter

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