ChemStart kit, Bathabile Mpofu, STEM learning, education in South Africa

South African chemistry kit to inspire young scientists

A locally created chemistry experiment kit was created to ignite a love of science in learners. Developed by social entrepreneur Bathabile Mpofu, ChemStart is...

Milestone for South African satellite technology

The South African satellite industry is taking a giant leap as a global aerospace player, with the inclusion of two locally developed nanosatellites on...
UCT researchers

South African research team make a breakthrough in cardiology

A mutation in a gene has been identified by South African researchers as the cause of heart disease and cardiac arrest. It affects the...
Aline Okello

Innovative software tackles climate change and rainwater harvesting in Mozambique

A mobile app, designed by a Mozambican civil engineer, uses real-time climate data to help farmers in the region harvest rainwater more effectively. The...
saving money

Safer community saving with locally designed stokvel app

Yethu is a new locally developed app that helps make community stokvel saving safer and easier. CD Anderson Yethu, a new mobile app designed to make...
UN Data Forum

UN Data Forum: stats can improve lives

The first United Nations World Data Forum was held in Cape Town. With more and more data circulating, it can be used to improve...
hearZA app featured

South African hearing app grows its reach

Download the hearZA app and test yourself and two friends' hearing via your smartphone. The innovation is from a South African team and is...

Infographic: Khi Solar One

Khi Solar One is Africa's first concentrated solar power plant. Situated outside of Upington in the Northern Cape, the 140-hectare plant will produce 50 megawatts of power by using 4 200 concave mirrors to reflect and concentratea large area of sunlight onto a small area on a 205 metre tower.


South African satellite ready for lift off

A nanosatellite built in South Africa will be sent to space early next year to collect data for atmospheric research as part of the...

New app helps reporters tell a better story

Cadet journalists, community reporters, activists and others interested in reporting on a news story and submitting it to a community newspaper can now make...


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