SA, Greece sign arts agreement

28 July 2005

South Africa and Greece have signed an agreement that will see the two countries exchanging ideas and working together in the field of arts and culture.

Signing the agreement in Pretoria on Tuesday, Arts and Culture Minister Pallo Jordan said the pact would strengthen and broaden the “friendly” ties between the two countries.

“The agreement will further promote … mutual knowledge and understanding of the respective cultures, intellectual and artistic achievements, history and ways of life … of the people of South Africa and Greece,” Jordan said.

The agreement, he added, would also enhance the role of arts and culture in SA’s economic and social development.

“There are few places in the world with so rich and diverse an artistic and cultural history as Greece,” the minister added.

For the past seven years, South Africa has sent cultural groups from around the country to participate in the annual Lefkada Festival in Athens.

This year, a young cultural group from the Free State will represent the country at the festival.

Source: BuaNews