Gallery: a chance for global solutions at WEF

The annual World Economic Forum is an opportunity for dialogue, debate and problem solving on a global level between political leaders, business experts, and civil society. Held in Davos, Switzerland, this year’s theme is “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Mandela Davos 1999 When Nelson Mandela attended Davos in 1999, he spoke of fostering acceptance and democracy. (Image: WEF, Facebook)

Compiled by Priya Pitamber

The Swiss village of Davos is once again hosting the annual World Economic Forum (WEF). From 20 to 23 January, it is a platform for global political leaders, business and industry experts, academia and civil society to come together to discuss the world’s economy.

Numerous things have been said about Africa and the state of the continent by its leaders and others. We look back on some of the more compelling statements from previous WEFs.

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Images sourced from: WEF, Facebook