Showcasing SA’s hottest property

27 January 2004

Selling houses has traditionally been done via newspaper advertising and occasional shopping mall exhibits, mainly attracting distracted shoppers who have three bags of shopping, two kids and a husband in the car wanting to get back to the rugby. South Africa’s Hot Property Exhibition has changed all that.

First launched last year in conjunction with Decorex SA, the Hot Property Exhibition comes to Durban (18 to 22 March), Cape Town (21 to 25 April) and Johannesburg (5 to 9 August) with a show featuring beach resorts, golf resorts, game farms, cottages, urban developments and more.

“Hot Property Exhibitions are a national, independent property showcase which allows property developers to expose their products in one-on-one discussions with motivated, potential buyers”, says Peter Weaver, co-owner of Hot Property Exhibitons.

“One of the biggest markets for South African property is international buyers”, says Weaver. “Hot Property Exhibitions attracts such buyers by providing a consolidated marketplace showcasing properties from all over SA at one venue.”

According to Weaver, South Africa has “the best climate, incredible scenery, and quality property developments which are financially attractive by international standards”, making the exhibition a winning formula both for visitors and for participating property developers.

Nearly 100% of 2003 exhibitors have rebooked for the Johannesburg show and are booking for Cape Town as well. “The reason”, says Weaver, “is buyers in Gauteng have an unprecedented opportunity to view all kinds of property at the show, from luxury golf estates to wine estate developments to mid-priced urban housing, from all around the country, under one roof.”

Melanie Froneman of exhibition organisers South Africa RAI says Decorex and Hot Property Exhibitions is a perfect match. “Now, at one show, you can search for your perfect home and pick up on the latest decor, design and home lifestyle trends.

“This method of selling properties is universally accepted as being the most pro-active, hard-selling vehicle available to property developers”, says Froneman. “It is amazing to me that there has never been a fully independent national property exhibition in this country.”

Froneman says a measure of the mark the Hot Property Expo has already made is that international developers and agents from southern Europe have been attracted to the 2004 exhibition. Besides the foreign interest, all parts of South Africa are represented.

Source: South Africa RAI