Environmentalists meet in Durban

24 February 2004

The 8th World Congress on Environmental Health kicked off in Durban on Monday, providing an international forum for people involved in all spheres of environmental health to discuss issues and exchange ideas.

The conference will focus on searching for solutions to environmental problems encountered in Africa, as well as on sustainable development and environmental health indicators in terms of set international goals.

Approximately 600 environmental health experts from across the globe are attending the conference, which runs at the Durban International Convention Centre until 27 February.

“The conference will provide an opportunity for global experts to share their expertise with us”, said organising committee chairman Selva Mudaly.

“It will also give South Africans a chance to show the world the tremendous strides we have made in terms of environmental health, and how the quality of life for our people has improved as a result”, Mudaly said.

Mudaly emphasised that the topics chosen for discussion in the panel sessions will lead to the adoption of resolutions which will later be forwarded to all countries participating in the congress for ratification.

“Site visits will be held prior to the panel discussions, to highlight some of the issues and challenges facing local environmental activists and communities”, Mudaly said.

“Internationally recognised experts will be involved in debating these issues, and will make recommendations on how to deal with them.”

Source: BuaNews