YouTube launches South African site

18 May 2010

Technology giant Google has launched, a South African version of YouTube that offers local users a way to easily discover local content and content producers.

When users in South Africa visit the site they will see, for example, the most popular and most viewed videos in South Africa along with local content that closely matches their interests. The local site is YouTube’s first domain on the African continent.

“Today YouTube celebrates its fifth anniversary,” Divon Lan, Google’s product manager for Africa, said in a statement on Monday.

“It’s amazing to think that what began as a simple idea at a dinner party just a few short years ago has grown into a global platform where anyone can create, share and discover the world through online video.”

Working with local broadcasters

In conjunction with launching the South African domain, Google is also teaming up with South African broadcasters to ensure that YouTube users, wherever they may be, have access to some of the best locally produced content.

These include the South African Broadcasting Corporation and, who have uploaded news content, including content about the soccer fever building up in South Africa.

Showcasing aspiring talent

South African journalism schools, such as Rhodes Journalism School and Wits Journalism School, are also using YouTube to showcase aspiring journalists’ talent and highlight news items that are frequently under-reported.

“All in all, we are pleased to be deepening our roots in South Africa and look forward to working with South African users, partners and advertisers to make the YouTube community even bigger, even more diverse and even brighter than it is today,” said Lan.

SAinfo reporter

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