Wear it loud and proud

August 11, 2004

Proudly South African will be launching a R2-million media programme to educate the consumer about country-of-origin labels for clothing.

The campaign will be launched once legislation for the labelling has been passed. Draft regulations have been published in the Government Gazette by the Department of Trade and Industry. The proposed legislation will have all clothing sold in South Africa carrying a label indicating the country of manufacture.

Proudly South African says the responsible or campaign-educated consumer might be more inclined to buy local content when she or he knows where the clothing has been made. It says it hopes that the campaign will increase demand for locally-manufactured clothing, and go some way towards alleviating unemployment in South Africa – particularly in the clothing sector.

A Proudly South African label will indicate that the product is made in South Africa, guarantee its quality, and indicate that it has been made with at least 50% local materials.

The Proudly South African campaign aims to promote South African companies, products and services and through that to stimulate job creation and economic growth in South Africa.

SouthAfrica.info reporter