Charter for construction industry

7 October 2004

Public Works Minister Stella Siqcau has launched a construction industry transformation charter process to address imbalances in the sector and to involve more black South Africans in the industry.

A management committee has been established by the construction industry to help guide the process of developing the charter, which will be in line with the government’s broad-based black economic empowerment strategy.

“Through the charter process, a pragmatic and effective transformation strategy will be developed”, Sigcau said at Tuesday’s launch, adding that the charter would also cater for women’s empowerment.

“We are going a step further to ensure that women, youth and the disabled also benefit from the transformation process in the industry”, she said.

Sigcau said her department was embarking on a drive to eradicate “fronting”. She issued a warning to companies which claimed to be black-owned or woman-owned enterprises yet were not, saying the government would ascertain the status of companies before any contracts were awarded to them.

She said government would also work on its tender policies to ensure industry compliance with the rules laid down in the charter.

Source: BuaNews