South African export councils

Various industry sectors have organised themselves into export councils to tackle the global marketplace as collective forces. Export councils are promoted and supported by the DTI as they help exporters develop strategies, and reach their target markets as well as meet their export targets.

The DTI provides financial support to many export councils, which are run by executives appointed by participating firms.

Industries with export councils include the automotive, electrotechnics, wire, stainless steel, aluminium, flower, wine, cosmetics, crafts, ceramics and textiles sectors.

The export council approach is specifically tailored to facilitate access to DTI support structures by small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs). The SMME Export Council acts as an entry point for first-time exporters; while the Arts and Crafts Export Council specifically supports rural community projects, helping artists and crafters gain access to international markets.

The main details of the list are as follows:

Export councils

Industry associations

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Reviewed: 6 August 2012

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