New boats for Cape fishing co-operatives

25 March 2013

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies handed over fishing boats to the value of R1.6-million to the fishing co-operatives of Ocean View and Masiphumelele in Cape Town on Friday.

The handover formed part of the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI’s) Fishing Cluster Project, which aims to create a sustainable fisheries industry in South Africa’s west coast region.

Davies said the DTI had so far funded 39 co-operatives to the tune of more than R11-million, giving them the necessary asset and capital base to begin trading competitively on the cost and quality of their daily catch.

“The boats that we are handing over today can enable this community to generate R1.8-million in a year,” Davies said. “We want communities to be able to provide for their families and communities.

“Our aim with such projects is also intended to broaden the participation of small-scale fishing communities to higher commercial value activities in the value chain.”

The chairperson of Sinethemba Fishing, Mancaeta Nkululeko, said the boats they were using before were not safe to go deeper into the sea, and could not carry more people.

“Our lives are now safe with this new boat, we will now go deeper into the sea and catch more fishes.”

SAinfo reporter