Business looks to eco ‘standards’

The director of the World Conservation Union (WCU), Akim Steiner, says the business sector has expressed willingness to contribute towards conservation as part of their social responsibilities towards sustainable development.

Call to protect Africa’s bird areas

Africa's globally threatened bird species - almost 10% of the continent's 2 313 species - are on the brink of extinction, as new research shows that 43% of Africa's most critically important places for birds and biodiversity conservation have no legal designation, leaving them open to a variety of threats.

Who will fund protected areas?

A senior economic adviser has urged delegates attending the fifth World Parks Congress in Durban to find new funding mechanisms for the conservation of protected areas.

Congress spells out eco benefits

As the World Parks Congress theme "Benefits beyond Boundaries" began to unfold at the International Convention Centre in Durban this week, it became clear that spin-offs from protected areas are difficult to measure in monetary terms.
Parks that transcend borders

People & parks in South Africa

South Africa set itself the target of increasing land under formal conservation from 5.4% in 1994 to 8% by 2010. The country is well on track, with close on 400 000 hectares having been added, and plans to designate a further 121 000 hectares - in what would be the single largest proclamation of land for the country's national parks since 1931.

State of world’s protected areas

South Africa has welcomed the publication of a United Nations report on the state of protected areas around the world, saying the document is an important source of information for the conservation community and government agencies.

World Bank looks to green Africa

Africa's efforts to conserve its rich biodiversity and natural heritage have received a shot in the arm with the announcement of increased lending by the World Bank.

SA, Namibia cross-border park

South Africa and Namibia have signed a treaty establishing one of the largest conservation parks in southern Africa, spanning over 5 000 square kilometres and featuring the world's second-largest canyon, spectacular desert scenery, and one of the most species-rich arid zones in the world.
Women lead in sanitation project

Women lead in sanitation project

An innovative project aimed at improving health conditions by changing hygiene practices and improving sanitation is changing the lives of a community north of Pretoria. And women are playing a key role in that transformation.
Your Acre of Africa

Your Acre of Africa

My Acre of Africa is a unique initiative to raise funds for the preservation of southern Africa's wildlife - and for a remarkable environmental education facility to be built in the Kruger Park, one of the world's greatest wildlife reserves.


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