South Africans: take a Sho’t Left!

South Africans – want to explore the country, but not sure where to start? Want to take a holiday, but think you can’t afford it? Tourism isn’t only for overseas visitors: take a Sho’t Left and start to find out how much of your country you don’t know – and how getting there could be a lot easier than you thought …

SA Tourism’s Sho’t Left campaign aims to promote a culture of local holiday travel, targeting ordinary South Africans and their families who have a desire to see more of the country but don’t know where to go.

“Sho’t Left” is derived from everyday South African “taxi lingo”. A commuter wanting a ride to a destination close by will say “Sho’t left, driva” – meaning, I want to jump off just around the corner.

Affordable local travel
SA Tourism relaunched its Sho’t Left campaign in August 2007, challenging South Africans to “see your world differently,” even when only visiting family or friends.

The campaign is aimed at young upcoming individuals, independent couples and families, with research into the domestic tourism market indicating that over 5-million South Africans have both the resources and the desire to travel.

Sho’t Left has partnered with the Association of Southern African Travel Agents (Asata) and its retail network of more than 5 000 agents to make it easier for the public to get information on, and book, affordable Sho’t Left holidays.

Sho’t Left website
The Sho’t Left website has been designed specifically to help more South Africans take a holiday.

The site offers advice for first-timers on choosing, budgeting for, booking and paying for a holiday, as well as tips on packing, travelling with children, documents to take along, and more.

It also offers information on affordable holidays, and holiday packages, in all nine provinces, broken down by province or by type of getaway – bush retreats, city breaks, coastal getaways, countryside meanders, cultural discoveries, mountain escapes, and sport/adventure outings.

The site also runs special promotions – including Fun Bus Sho’t Breaks to the Free State and Golden Gate National Park, or from Johannesburg to Durban and back – with a number of value-adds thrown in.

Sho’t Left Enterprise Programme
SA Tourism is also working with Asata on the Sho’t Left Enterprise Programme, through which previously disadvantaged South Africans are given the opportunity to enter the domestic market as travel agents.

“Enterprise Cadets”, as they are called, are given the necessary skills and knowledge about the local market equipping them to specifically sell domestic leisure packages to South Africans.

While South Africa is seeing an ever-increasing stream of foreign tourists, most South Africans have been slow to recognise the affordability and value of local leisure travel, says SA Tourism CEO Moeketsi Mosola.

“Domestic tourism is the bread and butter of every tourism industry around the world,” Mosola said. “In fact, in most cases, international arrivals contribute a much smaller share of tourism revenue than domestic travellers.”

Article last updated: December 2007

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