Govt’s anti-corruption hotline

20 December 2004

The government’s national anti-corruption hotline allows South Africans to report fraudulent activities within the public service, while providing for a single database to improve the monitoring of corruption trends in the country.

The centralised toll-free hotline – 0800 701 701 – will over time replace existing hotlines in various government departments and provincial administrations.

The hotline is strictly for reporting on cases of corruption, and does not cater for service delivery complaints – unless these involve corruption as well.

The hotline was launched by the Public Service Commission in September 2004.

Speaking at the launch, Public Service Commission chairman Stan Sangweni said the hotline would ensure that all cases of corruption were reported centrally and re-directed to the relevant departments.

“This will hopefully remove duplication by investigating authorities, thus freeing up resources for better use on other priorities”, Sangweni said.

Public Service Complaints Rules
In order to deal better with service delivery complaints, the commission also launched the Public Service Complaints Rules.

Through the complaints rules, members of the public can report their dissatisfaction relating to any form of maladministration, poor service or discrimination directly to the commission.

The commission has also designed an easy-to-fill-in form covering all the necessary requirements when lodging a complaint.

“We would like all complaints to be directed to the relevant department or institution in order to avoid duplication”, Sangweni said.

“When we receive complaints, we will investigate, make recommendations for improvement to the relevant executives, and report back to Parliament on a yearly basis.” reporter