Limpopo hotline to fight fraud

25 July 2005

The Limpopo government has launched a 24-hour anti-fraud hotline to fight corruption in the province’s administration.

Auditing firm Deloitte and Touche will manage and service the hotline in partnership with Tip-Offs Anonymous, an independent and confidential whistle-blowing hotline service.

According to provincial legislature spokesperson Kenny Mathivha, they have been told by Deloitte and Touche that seven out of 10 fraudsters are men. These can be hard to identify, as most are well-educated, highly respected family men.

“Eighty percent of fraudsters have more than five years of service and are generally older than 30 years,” said Mathivha. Most are unlikely to have a criminal record.

The hotline will operate in the five languages: Tsonga, Venda, Sipedi, Afrikaans and English.

“Whoever calls remains anonymous unless they want their names to be recorded for future contacts,” said Mathivha.

Tshenuwani Farisani, Speaker of the Limpopo legislature, said the hotline would help people report theft, employee fraud, crime syndicates, lack of government procedure, abuse of government property, theft of time, bribery, blackmail and financial mismanagement.

“As a law-making institution we must be ready and wise for any eventuality,” said Farisani.

Those reporting suspected fraud cases should provide the date and time of the event, as well as details such as the place it occurred, the names of those involved and the grounds for suspicion. They should also say whether they have any evidence or witnesses.

The hotline is already operational on 0800 204 647, or whistleblowers can send an e-mail to

Source: BuaNews