Call to help identify child-headed households

6 June 2014

Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini has called on South Africans to help identify and locate child- and youth-headed households in the country, to ensure that they receive the necessary support from the government.

The department is in the process of compiling a register of child- and youth-headed households, and by the end of May had recorded 885 households.

“Once identified, an assessment of the needs of the child- and youth-headed households is done and thereafter linked to the necessary therapeutic interventions and resources,” the Department of Social Development said in a statement this week.

“Citizens with the knowledge of child- and youth-headed households in their areas are requested to inform social workers in the local and district Social Development offices, as well as local authorities and community leaders such as chiefs, traditional leaders and faith-based leaders.”

Members of the public can also contact the children’s unit of the Department of Social Development on 082 786 4961 or at

Cases may also be referred to child protection organisations such Child Welfare, Child Line, and the Suid Afrikaanse Vrouense Federasie (SAVF).

The department helps child- and youth-headed households through the Isibindi programme, which deploys trained community-based child and youth care workers to provide support and protection to vulnerable children and families. The programme reached nearly 90 000 orphaned and vulnerable children in the 2013/14 financial year.