11th Annual Soweto Career Day and Expo

The 11th Annual Soweto Career Day and Expo took place on 25 and 26 May 2018 at the Orlando Community Hall in Soweto. Held since 2004, the Expo has been a platform that gathers about 40 000 learners and job seeking community members to present to them career pathways and education and training opportunities.

This year, exhibitions by government departments and agencies, non-governmental organisations, private sector organisations, colleges and universities covered a range of careers available in many different sectors of education, training and employment in South Africa.

Every year, the event aims to encourage and empower learners and community members to better themselves and their communities by making informed choices on their education, training and careers; and each year, the guidance provided at the exhibitions proves to be invaluable and informative to learners and job seeking community members from and around Soweto.

The annual event has gone a long way in addressing South Africa’s socioeconomic challenges of inequality, poverty and unemployment by creating a platform where underprivileged future and present job seekers can build relationships and network with further education and training institutions and potential employees.

It is important to create economic opportunities for those who were previously excluded from participating in the economy due to the country’s history. This initiative contributes to the country’s economic growth by equipping learners with the necessary tools to accelerate progress.

Many walked away inspired to fulfill their potential and informed about the countless opportunities available for them to contribute to South Africa’s economy.