Consumer help: insurance and pensions

Here’s where to go for advice and complaints about insurance schemes or pension funds – including provident funds, retirement annuities and social grants.

Short-term Insurance Ombudsman

Investigates complaints from the public against short-term insurers that are members of the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance Association. You should, however, first complain to the insurer or broker concerned.

Long-term Insurance Ombudsman

Investigates complaints from the public against life and long-term insurers that participate in the Ombudsman’s Scheme. But first try to resolve the dispute with your insurer.

Pension Funds Adjudicator

Handles complaints regarding private sector pension funds, including provident funds and retirement annuities.

Government Employees Pension Fund

Handles complaints regarding the Government Employees Pension Funds, Africa’s largest pension fund.

Social grants

If you have a problem with a social grant, including old age pensions, contact the Department of Social Development through its head office or your nearest provincial office.

Unresolved problems with social grants can also be taken to the Public Protector:

Financial Services Board

Independent statutory body that oversees the non-banking financial services industry – including insurers, retirement funds, unit trust schemes, and financial markets – and handles complaints in the public interest.

However, you should only contact the board if you feel that the law has been transgressed or is inadequate.

SAinfo reporter

Reviewed: 12 July 2012

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