Consumer help: direct marketing, junk mail

Consumer advice about, and protection from, direct marketers and sellers. You can also complain about junk mail.

Direct Marketing Association

Self-regulatory body empowered by law to ensure that direct marketers adhere to a strict code of practice, and to protect the rights of consumers when buying from direct marketing organisations. Action can be taken against companies that contravene the code, even if they are not members of the association.

The website carries a “national opt-out” database. Once you register, you will not be contacted by any member companies of the DMA. On the other hand, registering on the “opt-in platform” allows you to receive only the information you choose, via the channel you select.

Direct Selling Association

Deals with direct contact selling of goods or services through parties or demonstrations (“shopping at home”). The association is committed to ethical practice and offers consumer protection to people who buy from its members. You can check its directory of members on its website, as well as read up on tips on avoiding fraudulent businesses, such as pyramid and ponzi schemes.

SAinfo reporter

Reviewed: 11 July 2012