Safeguarded by one of the world's most progressive Constitutions, South Africa has an independent judiciary, a free press and a robust multiparty political system.


Food and trees for Africa

Food and trees for Africa

'Sustainable development' was the mantra to gyrate to in World Summit year. Food and Trees for Africa, a dynamic NGO which promotes greening and food security through permaculture, cottoned on to the idea 12 years ago.

Consumer help: direct marketing, junk mail

Consumer advice about, and protection from, direct marketers and sellers. You can also complain about junk mail.
electricity consumer eskom

Consumer help: electricity

Directory of Eskom call centres, plus contacts for the National Electricity Regulator.

Consumer help: competition

The Competition Commission is empowered to investigate, evaluate and control restrictive business practices, abuse of dominant positions by companies, and company mergers in the interests of fairness and efficiency in the economy.

Consumer help: other products & services

Auctions, electrical appliances, franchises, furniture, kitchens and cupboards, timeshare, weights and measures.

Consumer help: insurance and pensions

For advice and complaints about insurance schemes or pension funds - including provident funds, retirement annuities and government pensions.

Consumer help: building and housing

Don't get ripped off by your home builder or renovator, or by an electrical or other contractor.

Consumer help: advertising and the media

Offended by an advert or newspaper article? Want to complaint about a radio or television programme, film, video, book, magazine or other publication?

Consumer help: lawyers, legal aid

Unhappy with your lawyer's service - failure to answer your letters, failure to account for money held on your behalf, overcharging?

Consumer help: motor vehicles

Where to go for advice and complaints about motor vehicle dealers, garages and manufacturers.


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