Safeguarded by one of the world's most progressive Constitutions, South Africa has an independent judiciary, a free press and a robust multiparty political system.


Consumer help: lawyers, legal aid

Unhappy with your lawyer's service - failure to answer your letters, failure to account for money held on your behalf, overcharging?

Consumer help: motor vehicles

Where to go for advice and complaints about motor vehicle dealers, garages and manufacturers.

Consumer help: medical aid and health

For advice and complaints about medical aids, hospitals or health professionals - including how to find your nearest private hospital, or get information on treatment costs and scale of benefits.

Consumer help: building and housing

Don't get ripped off by your home builder or renovator, or by an electrical or other contractor.
'Ubuntu' university lifts off

‘Ubuntu’ university lifts off

CIDA City Campus has turned the traditional model of higher education on its head. Partnership based, community oriented, technology driven, the university provides world-class education to disadvantaged students at a fraction of the normal cost. Sound impossible?
Health FAQ

Health FAQ

What are the emergency services like? And the state hospitals? Where can I find a private clinic or GP in my area? What medicines are available over the counter? Get the answers to a range of frequent questions about health care in SA.

Visit Parliament

Attend a parliamentary sitting, public hearing or committee meeting, have a discussion with a Member of Parliament, or take part in a guided tour of Parliament.
Help with research & homework

Help with research & homework

Need help with your research - or your homework? Here's a range of links to online resources, archives, libraries, museums and science councils that should get you started.

South African local and municipal governments

Now we're getting close to home. Find out how local government works, how municipal councils are elected - and where you fit into the municipal scheme of things.

South African provincial governments

What's a Premier? What does an MEC do? Find out about South Africa's nine provincial governments, and how they relate to national government and the local governments beneath them.


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