Safeguarded by one of the world's most progressive Constitutions, South Africa has an independent judiciary, a free press and a robust multiparty political system.


'Report unfair food pricing'

‘Report unfair food pricing’

The Food Price Monitoring Committee has introduced a toll-free number and e-mail address to encourage consumers to report acts of predatory food pricing in the food production and supply sector.

Penalties for UIF defaulters

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has gone fully electronic - but less than 10% of South Africa's employers have supported its move to a database system, and complied with the law, by forwarding their employees' particulars to the Fund.
Circus kids go Zip Zap

Circus kids go Zip Zap

The Cape-Town based Zip Zap Circus takes children from all walks of life, gives them free training in circus and life skills, tours the country putting on free shows, raises most of its own funding through corporate and stunt work, and has even bigger plans for its future. Don't skimp on the applause!
Parks that transcend borders

Parks that transcend borders

One of the biggest conservation areas in the world has been signed officially into being, with SA, Mozambique and Zimbabwe leading the way in one of the boldest cross-border initiatives currently unfolding in southern Africa: the development of transfrontier parks.

Moseneke joins Constitutional Court

President Thabo Mbeki has appointed Judge Dikgang Moseneke to the Constitutional Court with immediate effect. Making the new appointment on the weekend, Mbeki said he was confident that Moseneke would carry out his Constitutional Court functions with distinction.

Online educational resources

Looking for a new school for your children, extra learning materials, past exam papers, help with research projects, or a job in teaching? Our directory of online educational resources is here to help.
Court 'no' to ANC floor-crossers

Court ‘no’ to ANC floor-crossers

The Constitutional Court ruled that five KwaZulu-Natal legislative members who defected to the African National Congress would not be protected. Instead, they have lost their seats, and four of the five have so far been replaced by the parties they defected from.
Department of Human Settlements

Houses for everyone

Housing is at the forefront of the national agenda for delivery and the government is taking overall responsibility for providing houses to all.
No sex for sale

No sex for sale, Court rules

The Constitutional Court ruling upholding the law against prostitution and running brothels has met with mixed reaction, with some arguing that it will consolidate efforts to close down brothels, and others arguing that it will render attempts to regulate the industry and improve the health and safety of sex workers even more difficult.

Research opportunities

South Africa spends around R5-billion a year on research and development and is recognised as a world leader in several fields, including organismic biology, earth sciences, astronomy and clinical medicine.


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