Safeguarded by one of the world's most progressive Constitutions, South Africa has an independent judiciary, a free press and a robust multiparty political system.


Umsobomvu Youth Fund

Portal, call centre for SA youth

The Umsobomvu Youth Fund has launched an Internet portal and nationwide call centre to provide information and services relating to career development, employment, entrepreneurship, health and well being to young South Africans.

SA banks must ‘know their clients’

The Financial Intelligence Centre Act, which requires South Africa's banks to verify the personal details of all their customers, aims to prevent money laundering and maintain the integrity of the country's financial systems.
Help the govt cut red tape

Help the govt cut red tape

Frustrated by the many forms and processes that accompany government service delivery? Tired of waiting in long queues? The government has called on citizens, businesses and public servants to help identify the main "red tape" problems that South Africans face, and to make suggestions on how to solve them.
W Cape's trilingual govt gateway

W Cape’s trilingual govt gateway

The Western Cape has launched a trilingual web portal - incorporating the world's first isiXhosa portal - giving residents a single point of access to government information and services in the province's three official languages, backed up by the Cape Gateway call centre and walk-in-centre.

Domestic violence training manual

The government has published a manual to help build the capacity and skills of professionals and community members in addressing domestic violence.
Twenty million on Voter's Roll

Ready to cast your vote?

Elections 2004 Everything you need to know to make your vote count in SA's third democratic elections on 14 April.
Four new marine protected areas

Four new marine protected areas

South Africa has proclaimed four new marine protected areas, bringing roughly 15% of its 3 000km coastline under protection, creating a framework for managing the country's fisheries, and consolidating some of the world's top research, eco-tourism, sport diving and fishing sites.

Bonds for people with HIV/Aids

Trade and Industry Minister Alec Erwin has announced changes to the Usury Act to protect both banks and borrowers when the latter suffer from incurable diseases and become too ill to repay their loans.
Opening SA's digital doorway

Opening SA’s digital doorway

The Digital Doorway project, which explores "minimally invasive education" as an alternative means of promoting wide-scale computer literacy in rural and peri-urban areas, has installed more than 150 terminals across South Africa.
Court victory for single dads

Court victory for single dads

An unmarried father has won joint custody and joint primary residency for his son in a landmark Johannesburg High Court ruling that has given unmarried fathers' rights a big boost.


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